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"He reads from the square of paper in the same onerous voice he used for ours, informing Panem that in honor of the Quarter Quell, there will be twice the number of tributes. "
Katniss, watching the 50th Hunger Games twist announcement[src]

The 50th Hunger Games was the year of the second Quarter Quell and it was held 24 years prior to the start of the series. Prior to the second Quarter Quell, President Snow reads off a card that was left 50 years ago by the original creators of the Games, that as a reminder that two rebels died for every one Capitol citizen, twice the number of regular tributes are to be sent as tribute, 2 girls and 2 boys per District, giving a total of 48 tributes. Known tributes include Haymitch Abernathy and Maysilee Donner. The Games were won by District 12's Haymitch Abernathy, who went on to mentor other tributes from his district, including Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. In this year, Caesar Flickerman had dark green hair and a night blue sparkling outfit.

The Parade

The boys and girls from District 12 wore "terrible" coal miner outfits that year. However, it is unknown what the tributes from the other districts wore.


The arena was described as "the most breathtaking place imaginable." The Cornucopia sat in the middle of a sweet-smelling green meadow, and the sky was azure blue, with fluffy, billowing white clouds. The meadow stretched for miles, and far in the distance there were woods on one side, and a snow-capped mountain on the other, which four days later turned out to be a volcano that killed most of the Career pack. Everything in the arena was lethally poisonous, including the food growing in the arena, the water in the stream, the butterfly stings, and even the scent of the flowers when inhaled too directly. The only sources of safe food and water in the arena were the rainwater and the food from the Cornucopia; in the Third Quarter Quell, twenty-five years later, this was reversed, as the Cornucopia provided only weapons. Food and water had to be acquired exclusively from the arena itself.

The Games

The Games, as usual, started off with a bloodbath at the Cornucopia in which 18 of the 48 tributes were killed, a record unbeaten until the end of the Games due to the double tributes in this edition. Gamemaker traps for these Games included poisonous food, water, plants, mutations and a volcano disguised as a mountain, which killed 12 tributes including half of the remaining Career pack. Later on, Haymitch ran into three tributes of the Career pack. He killed two of them while the third disarms him. The last Career tribute tries to slit his throat but Haymitch is saved by Maysilee. She shoots the Career with a poisonous blowdart gun. He forms an alliance with her and survives while stealing packs from dead tributes. Later on, Maysilee broke off the alliance when he refused to go back. He later kicked a pebble into the force field. He was surprised to see it came back. Curious, he threw a larger rock into the force field, which also returned. He laughed at this, having found a way to win the Games.

Shortly after Maysilee broke up the alliance, she was attacked by candy-floss coloured pink birds with skewer-like beaks; no doubt muttations. Upon hearing her cries, Haymitch ran to her; but by the time he got there, Maysilee had been skewered through the throat. Haymitch held her hand as she died, and when Katniss sees this, she is reminded of Rue and how she was too late to save her.

As the games progressed, one of the last tributes was killed by fluffy golden squirrels, and the other unknown tribute was killed in combat. Later, Haymitch was wounded by the final tribute, the female from District 1. She nearly killed him by disembowelling him, giving him a severe wound that caused him to hold his intestines in and drag himself away from her. She had previously lost an eye, requiring that she hold one hand on her empty eye socket to try to stop the blood flow, and an axe in the other, intending to deliver his deathblow. Haymitch defeated her when she threw the axe at him and he collapsed, causing it to rebound off the force field at the edge of the arena and fly back at her, lodging itself in her head and killing her.

Within a matter of minutes, Haymitch remained as the only living tribute left and became the victor. The Gamemakers did not anticipate that a tribute would think to use the force field as a weapon, and Haymitch clearly outsmarted them. It is later discovered in Mockingjay that two weeks after the games, Haymitch's mother, younger brother, and his girlfriend were all killed by the Capitol because of the stunt he pulled with the force field.

The murders are most likely a reason why Haymitch started drinking, along with haunting memories of his Games, as well as futilely watching the tributes he mentors alone die along with other boys and girls each year.

Known Rankings

1st = Haymitch Abernathy (victor)
2nd = District 1 Female
3rd = Tribute eaten by fluffy golden carnivorous squirrels.
4th = Tribute killed in combat with another tribute.
5th = Maysilee Donner killed by pink birds with sharp beaks
6th-13th = Survived the Volcanic Eruption of the snow capped mountain.
14th-25th = Died during to the eruption of the snow capped mountain.
26th-30th = Died before the eruption of the snow capped mountain. These tributes died either due to consuming poisonous substances from the arena or being killed in combat.
31st-48th = Died in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath.

Known Tributes

Known Muttations

  • Unknown species of fluffy golden carnivorous squirrels.
  • Unknown species of poisonous stinging butterflies.
  • Unknown species of candy-pink birds with skewer shaped beaks.