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The 45th Hunger Games took place 29 years prior to the start of The Hunger Games series. These Games were won by Chaff, the male tribute from District 11, who lost his hand during the Games. Katniss Everdeen mentions in Catching Fire that the Capitol had probably offered him some sort of mechanical replacement like Peeta Mellark's leg, but he either wasn't given one or did not want one.

It is unknown how Chaff won his games, but it was most likely in a brutal manner as Effie Trinket mentioned that he could never stay out of a fight. It might have been similar to the games Haymitch Abernathy won, as they both turned to drinking and became alcoholics after winning. After both their games, Chaff and Haymitch became friends and drinking buddies.

It is possible that Chaff's family and loved ones were killed due to similar reasons to Haymitch Abernathy as he might have pulled a stunt the President Snow or the Capitol didn't like.