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The 10th Annual Hunger Games are featured in the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

The 10th Hunger Games was the first Hunger Games to introduce mentors for the tributes, recruiting twenty-four of the Capitol Academy's best and brightest seniors. Future Panem President Coriolanus Snow served as the mentor for the Victor of these Games, District 12 female Lucy Gray Baird.

The Head Gamemaker for these games was Dr. Volumnia Gaul.

The Games were considered to be disastrous, partly due to involving Capitol students as mentors, and most records of the Games were wiped.


Pre Games

Two days after being selected on Reaping Day - July 4th, a Monday - the tributes arrived to The Capitol in a dirty cattle car, escorted by Peacekeepers. Coriolanus Snow met his tribute, Lucy Gray Baird, here and joined the tributes as they were taken by truck to the Capitol Zoo and dumped into the monkey enclosure.[1]

On Thursday, tributes and their mentors met to gather information for records. Later, at the zoo, the District 10 female - Brandy - was killed after murdering her mentor, Arachne Crane.

The next day, Coriolanus finishes his proposal for betting and sponsorships in the morning, for the first time in the history of the Games. While at Dr. Gaul's lab, Clemensia Dovecote is bitten by snake muttations and taken to the hospital.

Arachne's funeral is held on Saturday, and Coriolanus sings the Panem anthem. Later, after lunch, tributes and their mentors are taken for a tour of the Capitol Arena; however, bombs went off, killing both tributes from District 6 and injuring both from District 9. The tributes from District 1 and 2 attempted an escape during the bombing, leading to the District 1 tributes being killed, the District 2 female - Sabyn - falling to her death, and the District 2 male - Marcus - escaping. The mentors for District 6 - Apollo and Diana Ring - were killed in the explosions, and three other mentors were hospitalized: Coriolanus Snow, Androcles Anderson, and Gaius Breen.[2]

On Sunday, Coriolanus wakes up in the hospital. On the following day, the Capitol and the districts are under heightened security due to Marcus escaping. Coriolanus is visited by friends from the Academy. Early on Tuesday morning, Clemensia comes to Coriolanus in his hospital room, showing her skin turning to scales. She says that Dr. Gaul is trying to kill her. Later that morning, a funeral is held for the Ring twins with a hologram of Coriolanus singing the anthem. He is allowed to go home.

Wednesday begins the interview planning for the tributes. Coriolanus gets a guitar from Pluribus for Lucy Gray to use. Thursday and Friday are devoted to the tributes practicing in separate classrooms with their mentors.

On July 15th, the Hunger Games: A Night of Interviews event is held, being the first interviews in the Games history, with Lucky Flickerman acting as the interviewer. Lucy Gray sings her song, "The Ballad of Lucy Gray." On Sunday, the mentors are taken for a tour behind the scenes at the Games headquarters and shown the drone prototypes for the sponsor gifts. That night, Coriolanus decides to give Lucy Gray his mother's compact.

The following morning, Monday, the mentors are allowed to say goodbye to their tributes. Coriolanus gives Lucy Gray the compact, hinting at her using the rat poison in the zoo to fill it. They kiss, and then the tributes are taken away.


District Male Tribute Female Tribute Mentors
District 1 Facet Velvereen Livia Cardew / Palmyra Monty
District 2 Marcus Sabyn Sejanus Plinth / Florus Friend
District 3 Circ Teslee Io Jasper / Urban Canville
District 4 Mizzen Coral Persephone Price / Festus Creed
District 5 Hy Sol Dennis Fling / Iphigenia Moss
District 6 Otto Ginnee Apollo Ring / Diana Ring
District 7 Treech Lamina Vipsania Sickle / Pliny Harrington
District 8 Bobbin Wovey Juno Phipps / Hilarius Heavensbee
District 9 Panlo Sheaf Gaius Breen / Androcles Anderson
District 10 Tanner Brandy Domitia Whimsiwick / Arachne Crane
District 11 Reaper Dill Clemensia Dovecote / Felix Ravinstill
District 12 Jessup Lucy Gray Lysistrata Vickers / Coriolanus Snow

The Games

Day 1 (July 18th)

The 14 remaining tributes were placed in the center of the Arena in a circle surrounding a pile of multiple weapons (there was no proper Cornucopia horn, as it was still early in the history of the Hunger Games). No food or water supplies were included in the pile. The District 2 male tribute Marcus, who had escaped and disappeared during the rebel bombings of the Arena, had been captured and strung up by steel poles in the air at the main entrance to the Arena and left to hang from his manacles, still alive and badly beaten.[3]

At the sound of the gong, most of the tributes ran for the tunnels which had been caused by the rebel bombings. Some of the stronger tributes; Coral, Tanner, Jessup and Reaper ran forward for the weapons but quickly ran away once they had got what they needed. Reaper was the only tribute to stay out in the open, armed with a pitchfork and a long knife. After seeing that none of the other tributes stayed to fight, Reaper climbed into a nearby stand to begin his hunt for the other tributes.

Later in the day, Lamina emerged from one of the tunnels and made her way over to the weapon pile taking a knife and a small ax. She then went over to the poles in which Marcus still hung from and began to climb up them. Once she reached the top and balanced herself on the beams she spoke to Marcus, possibly apologizing, before driving her ax into his neck three times, killing him. As reward for showing strength, Lamina was then gifted a sponsor, a bottle of water.

As the afternoon progressed, only a few tributes could be spotted leaving their hiding places momentarily before disappearing again. Reaper remained in the stands and Lamina a top of of the beams, eventually she hacked away at the restraints still holding Marcus in the air sending his body falling to the ground. Lamina then received another sponsor, this time being a slice of bread. Lamina used her belt rope to sturdily fasten herself to the beam and then rested.

Circ and Teslee eventually appeared out of the barricade and moved over to Marcus’s body were the broken drones lay. The pair began examining the pieces of the drones, fiddling with the wires causing the lights to blink. Circ and Teslee then received a sponsor of some water and bread before vanishing back into the barricade with the drones.

Reaper then appeared from one of the tunnels carrying his district partner, Dill, in his arms. Dill was most likely suffering from tuberculosis as she began coughing up blood once Reaper placed her down. Reaper went back into the barricade, leaving Dill by herself. She received two water bottle sponsors but she was too weak to even acknowledge them. Treech then appeared from one of the tunnels, took the bottles of water and quickly retreated back into the tunnels again.

As evening approached, Dill started to convulse and spray blood from her mouth, before dying.[4]

Later that night, Capitol citizen and mentor to Marcus, Sejanus Plinth, snuck into the Arena to sit by and cover Marcus’s body in bread crumbs, a District 2 custom to wish the dead good passing into the afterlife. Coriolanus Snow was sent in to retrieve Sejanus discretely without alerting the tributes. Sejanus and Coriolanus attempted to take Marcus’s body back with them but were forced to leave it as Bobbin, Coral, Mizzen and Tanner appeared and attacked them. Coriolanus whacked Bobbin in the head with a plank of wood, killing him. Coriolanus and Sejanus managed to escape the Arena, keeping the tributes still trapped inside.[5]

Tributes dead: Marcus, Dill and Bobbin.

Day 2 (July 19th)

In the afternoon of the second day, Sol began to climb onto the bleachers at the furthest end of the Arena. Coral, Mizzen and Tanner whom had formed an alliance, chased her down and Coral speared Sol through the throat with a trident.[6]

Lucy Gray was then chased out from one of the tunnels by a rabid Jessup. It was assumed he contracted rabies from being bitten by either a rat or a raccoon during his time in the monkey enclosure in the Capitol Zoo. Jessup cornered Lucy Gray up the remains of a concession stand. Due to the rabies, Jessup could not stand water, so Lucy Gray was sponsored numerous bottles of water by Jessup's mentor, Lysistrata Vickers. Seeing the bottles caused Jessup to enter a frenzy and he fell from the stands, the sound of his bones breaking audible to the audience as he hit the ground.

Lucy Gray comforted Jessup as he died, telling him that he could ‘sleep’ now. She then took some of the remaining bottles of water to hydrate herself and then used some of the water to clean Jessup's face. She then closed his eyes with a handkerchief given to her before the Games by her mentor, Coriolanus Snow. She received a sponsor gift of bread and cheese, collected them and exited into a near tunnel when she saw Reaper approaching. Reaper let Lucy Gray run into the tunnels as he took what water bottles remained and returned to the stands.[7]

Tributes dead: Sol and Jessup

Day 3 (July 20th)

As the day started, Reaper went up to Lamina. They formed a mini alliance with Reaper giving Lamina pieces of Panem flags to protect her from the sun's exposure; in exchange, Lamina gave him a piece of bread and a chunk of cheese. Reaper's disrespect of the flag angered the Capitol audience. A calmness came between them, but it was ruined when Mizzen, Coral, and Tanner appeared. Lamina warned Reaper of them, and he retreated to the barricade.

When the alliance reached directly under Lamina's beam, Lamina did not pay attention to them until Tanner smacked his sword on a pole. The alliance created a plan; Mizzen and Coral would coordinate climbing up the two poles while Tanner stayed at the bottom with their weapons, trapping Lamina. After a while, Lamina decided to confront the stronger Coral and swung her ax. Coral slid away, so Lamina went to Mizzen, who was on the beam but too distracted to catch the trident Tanner threw. This gave Lamina the opportunity to use the flat side of her ax to injure his knee, sending Mizzen down. Unfortunately for Lamina, Mizzen caught himself. As Coral reached the top, she yelled a loud war cry. She then plunged her trident into Lamina's abdomen, causing her to fall off the beam and die on impact.

Coral then helped Mizzen with his knee while Tanner did a sort of dance over Lamina's corpse. As Mizzen initiated a "victory slap", Coral stabbed her trident in Tanner's back. Mizzen finished him off with a knife to his neck. After the District 4 duo left to a tunnel, Treech came out to take his district partner's ax and receive food from sponsors.

In the late afternoon, Reaper awoke from his slumber and surveyed the damage, unable to comprehend the scene, and particularly Lamina. He walked around Lamina's and Tanner's bodies until he decided to carry Lamina's body to where Bobbin's and Marcus's bodies laid. He did the same with the remaining dead tributes, save Jessup, over the next hour. He then again infuriated the citizens of the Capitol by using another piece of flag to cover the dead tributes and making a cape for himself. His makeshift cape seemed to inspire him.[8]

Tributes dead: Lamina and Tanner

Day 4 (July 21st)

The forgotten Wovey appeared midmorning, to her mentor's delight. Her appearance was skeletal, with an empty bottle of water in her hand. Unbeknownst to her, though, Lucy Gray had put rat poison she received by Coriolanus in that bottle of water and left the bottle in the tunnels. Wovey only took a few gulps of water from her sponsor gifts until she ceased motion, a silvery liquid trickling down her mouth.

Near noon, Reaper appeared and cautiously approached Wovey. He examined an apple and her face, suspecting her death was unnatural. He abandoned the food and water, but took her corpse and placed it with the others. By the time Reaper returned to the tunnels, the District 4 duo were eating Wovey's sponsor gifts, oblivious to her death.

In late afternoon, Circ and Teslee were in the arena's center, poking for something. Reaper was already at the stands. Treech then attempted to ambush the District 3 duo, but the duo fled for the barricade. The three become distracted by the large drone carrying a tank with Dr. Gaul's snake muttations. These snake mutts were sent by Dr. Gaul in retaliation for Gaius Breen's death after he succumbed to his injuries from the arena bombing. As the snakes shot out, Treech immediately climbed up the bleachers like a goat while the District 3 duo stared in a moment of confusion. When they finally noticed the immediate danger, it was already too late for Circ. The snakes left pink, yellow, and blue streaks on his body and he asphyxiated for about ten seconds before dying. Teslee managed to cling onto a pole, crying.

Not long after, Coral shrieked and ran out of a tunnel, Mizzen ahead of her. A snake dangled on her arm. Despite tearing it free, numerous snakes attacked her, leading to her blissfully short death. Mizzen flung his trident and leapt onto the pole opposite of Teslee, halving the first time he climbed it. Teslee cried for Mizzen's help as her grip on the pole weakened, but Mizzen only shook his head, shocked.

As the snakes began to target Teslee again, Lucy Gray emerged from the tunnels, softly singing. The snake mutts, recognizing her scent due to Snow having placed a handkerchief in a tank with her scent, flocked to her.[9] This gave Teslee the chance to reach a safer place. Lucy Gray than began an elaborate song as the snakes wove around her. After completing the song, she hummed to them, keeping them docile.

A storm rolled in, creating a dazzling sunset and killing the snakes mutts due to their inability to adapt to the cold and wet weather. During the night, the female tributes sought shelter in the tunnels or the barricade while the male tributes got drenched outside.[10]

Tributes dead: Wovey, Circ, and Coral

Day 5 (July 22nd)

Sunrise came with the last of the clouds rolling out, leaving the arena wet with puddles. Both Treech and Reaper received food from sponsors, but as Treech ate his food hungrily, Reaper only drank from a puddle despite this having been the first time he received a sponsor gift since the start of the Games. Unknown to everyone except Lucy Gray, Reaper had contracted rabies when Jessup spit in his eyes before the Games even started, and this was a symptom of it.

Mizzen mimed eating to receive sponsor gifts, and Teslee revealed herself after a minute. She was armed with a drone she had hacked with Circ, blocking the homing direction of the drones. When she positioned herself under Mizzen, she flipped a switch and launched the drone, a cable tethered to her wrist. Mizzen was confused at first, and got distracted from the bread he received. The drone was normal for a while, but then suddenly attempted to make another delivery. More drones came and did the same, injuring Mizzen's eye. He attempted to escape the drones' torment, and gripped towards the pole he left Teslee to when the snake mutts were unleashed. In the process, he put pressure on his injured knee and lost his balance. This caused him to fall, snapping his neck.

While Mizzen was being attacked, Treech managed to climb down the scoreboard to attempt another try to kill Teslee. Right after Mizzen's death, Treech brought his ax down Teslee's skull, killing her instantly. The drones sent for the dead Teslee were taken by Treech. After he took a dozen parcels, he left for the barricade. This left Treech from 7, Reaper from 11, and Lucy Gray from 12 in the top 3. Reaper proceeded to take the two bodies over to the rest, using a new piece of flag to cover them.

Lucy Gray finally came out just before noon and surveyed the arena. She poisoned a puddle with another water bottle with rat poison, receiving many drones of sponsor gifts. She saw Reaper, so she went the opposite way and checked which tributes were left alive. Treech attempted to ambush Lucy Gray, but Lucy Gray ran away on time. Just as Treech swung at Lucy Gray, she flung herself and clung to him, surprising him. She then grabbed a surviving snake mutt from her dress pockets and the snake bit Treech's neck, killing him. Before he died, he managed to kill the snake mutt by smashing it into the ground multiple times.

As the day grew longer, the hot sun dried up the many puddles. Lucy Gray received more food and water. She later attempted to drag Treech's body to the others, but Reaper shouted at her. She let go of Treech and went to the tunnels. Reaper then transported Treech's body himself, satisfied. Lucy Gray then put her plan into motion. Using the fact Reaper had not eaten much for many days, she tired him out by taking the flag pieces, getting him to chase after her. He was very insistent on keeping the corpses covered, and ran ragged to the point of exhaustion. Reaper then desperately drank out of the puddle the Lucy Gray had poisoned. He only just made it to the body of Treech and covered up only half of himself with a flag before his body gave out. After thirty minutes, Lucy Gray came from the bleachers to check his pulse and, finding nothing, closed his eyelids. She was then announced as the victor of the 10th Hunger Games.[10]

Tributes dead: Mizzen, Teslee, Treech, and Reaper


These early games lacked several features which would become prominent in later games, while others were experimental. Nobody was said to be a "career tribute" and there were no known volunteers. The tributes were not inserted with tracking devices and thus there was no easy way to tell at any given time if they were alive or dead, other than when they showed themselves. This had never been a problem before due to the openness of the arena, but became an issue in these games due to the hiding places created by the rebel bombing. Since the Gamemakers could not easily tell when tributes had passed away, there were no nightly displays of those tributes who had passed away during the day. Additionally, the bodies of dead tributes were not removed by hovercraft, but were instead left in the arena to be dealt with or not dealt with by the remaining tributes as they saw fit. There were no stylists and thus tributes were not dressed in elaborate costumes prior to entering the games. There were also no escorts. Sponsorship of tributes was available for the first time, though the drone delivery system used to deliver the gifts had not yet been perfected. Though Lucretius Flickerman was tapped to be the first ever host of the games for a television audience, he only had previous experience reporting the weather and the broadcast thus lacked the polish of latter presentations. For the first time in the history of the Games, muttations were unleashed in the arena in the form of rainbow-colored snakes, specially bred by Head Gamemaker Dr. Volumnia Gaul.

Ultimately, Dr. Gaul considered these games a disaster, presenting the Capitol as far too vulnerable. She erased all recordings of the games, keeping only a master copy in her own personal vault for her own purposes.[11]


The Arena

1st: (Victor)

2nd: (Poisoned by Lucy Gray)

3rd: (Venomous bite from one of Lucy Gray's snakes)

4th: (Ax to skull from Treech moments after Mizzen's death)

5th: (Neck snapped after attacks due to hacked drones from Teslee)

6th: (Killed by snake mutts)

7th: (Killed by snake mutts)

8th: (Poisoned by Lucy Gray)

9th: (Trident drove through back by Coral and knife to neck by Mizzen)

10th: (Impact of fall from after being assaulted by Coral, Mizzen and Tanner)

11th: (Died of rabies and due to injuries obtained from falling)

12th: (Speared through the throat with a trident by Coral)

13th: (Hit in the head with a wood plank by Coriolanus Snow after the latter was attacked by the former)

14th: (Passed away due to health complications)

15th: (Mercy kill by Lamina)


16th: (Succumbed to complications related to asthma)

  • Hy - The male tribute from District 5, Hy, died the night before the Games due to asthma complications.

17th-18th: (Killed by injuries sustained from rebel bombings)

  • Panlo and Sheaf - Both tributes from District 9, Panlo and Sheaf, died from their injuries caused by the rebel bombings. They were being treated by a veterinarian who requested for the two to be treated by a doctor, but the request was denied.

19th: (Attempted to escape the arena by leaping over the wall only to die from the fall)

  • Sabyn - The female tribute from District 2, Sabyn, managed to escape through the newly blown hole in the Arena caused by the rebel bombings, making it to the river and leaping over the wall, however she died due to the fall. As her escape attempt was viewed by the Capitol as cowardly, along with Facet and Velvereen, her corpse was also dragged through the Capitol streets by the horses.

20th-21st: (Killed by Peacekeepers while attempting to escape the arena)

  • Facet and Velvereen - Both tributes from District 1, Facet and Velvereen, had been shot dead by Peacekeepers as they tried to escape through the hole blown in the Arena by the bombings. Because of their escape attempts, unlike the District 6 tributes, Facet and Velvereen‘s corpses were not placed on the backs of horses but instead dragged through the streets of the Capitol behind them.

22nd-23rd: (Killed by rebel bombings)

  • Otto and Ginnee - Both tributes from District 6, Otto and Ginnee, were killed during the rebel bombings of the Capitol Arena by shrapnel. What remained of their corpses were draped over horses and paraded down Scholars Road during the Ring twins funeral.

24th: (Killed by Peacekeepers)

  • Brandy - The female tribute from District 10, Brandy, was shot and executed on the spot by Peacekeepers in the monkey enclosure at the Capitol Zoo after slitting her Mentor Arachne’s throat. Her corpse was paraded through the streets of the Capitol from a crane during Arachne‘s funeral parade.


The Games had not yet implemented uniforms for the arena, so the tributes went into the arena with the clothes they wore during the reaping. Some examples are Lucy Gray's rainbow dress and Wovey's striped dress that had become filthy by the time she emerged from hiding in the arena.


  • Mutts were introduced in this game, and would subsequently become a part of the games.[9]
  • Mentors were also introduced in this game, and the academy students would eventually be replaced by previous winners of the games.

Behind the scenes

The 10th Hunger Games are the only Hunger Games in the series in which at least the first name of every tribute and the full names of their mentors are known, due to this information being provided on a sheet given to Coriolanus Snow and the other mentors that appears throughout The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. It is also the first Hunger Games where dates are known, as Suzanne Collins revealed that Reaping Day is held on July 4th.[12]


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